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Refurbishing Pack 4X 64 4X COAs + 4X Keys windows 7 professional preinstallation kits OEM


This is for trade customers only a trade is a company or an individual that operates as a business professional IT or PC/Laptop Refurbisher .



What you get in this Pack


1x windows 7 professional DVD-ROM 64-bit


1x windows 7 professional preinstallation kit DVD-ROM 64-bit


4x certificate of authenticity (coa) + 4x nstallation keys 64-bit


Q:What is a preinstallation kit this is software that allows you to add your own cumpany programes for support or contact information.


After perchising you pack you can then order indivdule key as follows


1X 32-bit windows 7 professional £36.99

1X 64-bit windows 7 professional £46.99



This is for Refurbishing Pack OEM as  4x 64 £135.96



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